Lifesavers (or maybe Fruit tingles)

Lifesavers (or maybe Fruit Tingles)


Lifesavers (or maybe Fruit tingles)


There used to be this ad for Lifesavers (or maybe Fruit tingles) where these kids were roaming around the streets trying to work out the quickest way to get to the shop so they could buy Lifesavers (or maybe Fruit Tingles). They figured out that a cannon would be pretty quick.

So they get hold of a cannon, and the smallest one dons a bike helmet and gets inside the cannon. They light the fuse, and then fire her from the cannon.  As they watch her disappearing, one of them turns to the other and says:  I hope she makes it to the store.

Anyway, I’m just about to send Phoebe my last set of summer samples.  I hope they make it to her this time; that they don’t fall into the black hole of Chullora post office sorting facility.  I don’t think that Chullora has fully recovered from closing down the big Metro twin drive-in.


Spring will be a little late this year…

Spring will be


Spring will be a little late this year …


I remember watching an old black and white starring Deanna Durbin (I was a big Deanna Durbin fan when I was young).  It was called: Christmas Holiday, and she sang: Spring will be a little late this year.  It was one of the few movies she made as an adult.

Anyway, I’m beginning to wonder what Australia Post has against me.  It seems that now, after the fuss of not delivering parcels to me (Another brick in the wall for Gregory St.) they’ve lost the samples of my entire summer collection that I sent to Phoebe about a month ago for her to do a photoshoot.

Now I’m waiting to see if they can find them, and if they can’t, to send her another batch. Surely they can’t possibly lose another parcel, can they?

So, Spring will be a little late this year.

Marley in Bali

Bali factory

Marley in Bali


I know it’s a grotesquely vile title, but I couldn’t resist.  About half the restaurants and cafés we visited in Bali last week were playing Bob Marley.  Somehow it was Bob Marley week.

So, all went well:  the summer collection is in production, due to arrive here in a few weeks, and the winter collection for next year is underway.

Ms Juju has the clothes under control, and Mr Usman has made me a beautiful black nubuck belt to go with the Drunken Sailor pants.

It’s always a pleasure to visit the tiny factories where the work happens, to know the workers are treated well and that they are eager to do a good job.

Anyway, my feet is my only carriage, so I’ve got to push on through.