Monday mornings (and bar graphs)

Monday mornings

Monday mornings


I wake up on Monday mornings – if I could wake up on Monday afternoons, I would, but I can’t.  If I sleep in until, I’m like Wow! 8 o’clock!  So, I get up and look at the stats on my blog site.

WordPress has this majestically cool graph (is it a bar graph where you have columns? A column graph?) that shows you where your viewers come from. (I know, Mr Churchill, that a preposition is something you should never end a sentence with, but that was before technology.)

Anyway, it appears that I have viewers from Antarctica, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Japan, Columbia, Indonesia, Canada, Vietnam, Italy, the UK, France, the US, and New Zealand, to name but a few.

And that doesn’t even count Grant, Phoebe or Doug (Phoebe’s boyfriend).

I wonder what the translations are like.


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