Sherlock Holmes and the bee sting

Sherlock Holmes and the bee sting

Sherlock Holmes and the bee sting

Last week we went to Perth.

We stayed in Subiaco, and on Monday morning I was walking around Leederville when I got stung  by a bee.  I’ve been stung by a bee before, so didn’t worry too much: I was pretty sure I wouldn’t go into anaphylactic shock, or anything.

On Tuesday it was alright, but on Wednesday my arm turned into a red balloon (one of those long thin ones that clever people make into sausage dogs).  It wasn’t all that sore, but it was extra desperately itchy.

On Thursday I caught the bus back to Geraldton, as Grant had to fly to Melbourne.

The bus driver put on a Sherlock Holmes movie, and in the movie a boy gets stung by a bee (how weird is that?) and Sherlock says:  The difference between a bee sting and a wasp sting, is that a bee leaves his stinger in situ. (he may not have actually said “in situ”, I’m paraphrasing here)

So it has to be absolutely unassailably true if Sherlock Holmes said it.

I figured you wouldn’t want a picture of my bee stung arm, so I’ve given you a much nicer image,  where Phoebe could  potentially have got stung by a bee .

Ps. The results of the To smile or not to smile  survey:  30 for smiling, 31 for not smiling.  So, pretty even.

Oh, and my arm is nearly better, thanks.



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