Money for God’s sake

Monsignor Hawes


Money for God’s sake


Art for art’s sake.

I was asked to do a rubbing of the brass grave marker plaque of Monsignor Hawes in the Utakarra cemetery chapel, by the Cathedral Precinct project.  Monsignor Hawes had this made for himself in about 1936 because he thought he was going to spend his retirement in Geraldton, and be buried here.

He ended up going back to the Bahamas in 1939, and was buried there.

My image isn’t going to be used, as they have decided to exhibit an old one that was already hanging in the Cathedral.

It was an interesting exercise, nonetheless.

The rubbing will be on display in the new Cathedral Precinct when it opens in September.


2 thoughts on “Money for God’s sake

    1. Hi Kristen, thank you. The photo is actually the plaque itself: the rubbing wasn’t as detailed, unfortunately, as I couldn’t get any paper both thin enough and large enough to capture the fine detail and cover the entire plaque. (The plaque is nearly life size.)
      I’ll try and think of another project in which to use it.

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