How to do an insanely ridiculous belt (part 2)

insanely ridiculous belt

How to do an insane belt part 2


Up until now, I haven’t usually been a belt wearer.  But now that I have requisitioned Grant’s belt, How to do a ridiculously insane belt I’ve seen that it can be a waist changer.

I don’t really have much in the way of a waist; it just sort-of segues into my hips without much change in size. So why would I need to emphasize this fact?

However, I have found that the right size belt, of a dark (preferably black) colour, can have a strategic distraction effect and actually make you look like you have a waist.

So, about three and a half cm wide is a good width – not too narrow, not too wide.  It’s also good to make it pretty long, so that you can do a twisty- turny thing at the end to create more strategic distraction.

Anyway, I have designed the drunken sailor pants Drunken Sailor pants, or Jodhpurs? so that you can wear a belt with them: when we go to Bali next time (in a few weeks) to get the samples made up for next winter, I will include a belt.

The shoe man Our totally indispensable co-driver should be able to make a belt how I want.

Ps I will write a blog later on to explain about strategic distraction.  Watch this space.



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