To smile or not to smile

To smile or not to smile

To smile or not to smile?

Ok, that’s the question.

I’m getting a bit addicted to surveys, here.

So what I want to know is:  how do you feel about a model smiling.  Do you think she should smile?  Or are you ok with her not smiling. Like Phoebe in this photo.

Which do you prefer?  (You’re allowed to like both, but you’re not allowed to like neither.)



12 thoughts on “To smile or not to smile

  1. I’m with Elizabeth, though would go the full spectrum: smiling to not smiling and everything in between … go the whole gamut of human emotion Gabe (well, most of the gamut anyways) … and hey, what fodder for endless surveys! Who likes what, and why?


  2. Refreshing to see a relaxed face for a change. I love a warm smile but feel like in marketing, I’ve overdosed on them. So, no smile for me.


  3. I personally like smiling – gives warmth and builds a ‘connection’ with the potential customer.
    Non smiling is classic catwalk, and not sure how many of us actually do ‘buy’ from the catwalk.
    Yet a smile and an environment in which the consumer can picture themselves in, is more realistic for me.
    The second is me, the non smiling though is what works for s friend of mine – different strokes for different folks.
    And your stunning model represents all the pieces beautifully any ways X


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