So, how’s the economy?



Grey's beach

So, how’s the economy?


Last Sunday I went for a walk along the beach, from Grey’s to Back Beach.

When I got to Back Beach, there was some sort of surfing carnival going on, with lots of people milling around.  It was about 1.30, and it looked like it was winding up.  I had to walk through quite a few people to get to the Hadda Way path; as I did so, I passed a couple of streaked- blond headed kids, with beanies and trackies on.  One was about 10, and the other about 12.

The younger one turned to the other and said:  So, how’s the economy?  The older one answered: Pretty good, but there’s a few black spots.

You heard it here first.

Ps; comments from the survey:  Drunken Sailor pants, or Jodhpurs?  are still coming in, so I will post the results in my next blog.


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