Drunken Sailor pants, or Jodhpurs?

Drunken Sailor pantsJodhpurs again

Drunken Sailor pants or Jodhpurs?


Ok, ok, I understand that Phoebe looks about a googolplex (I’ve just read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) better than I do, but try (for the good of the herd) putting that aside. If you can.

I have to make up my mind pretty soon about next winter’s collection: do I do jodhpurs? or drunken sailor pants?

What would you go for?


21 thoughts on “Drunken Sailor pants, or Jodhpurs?

  1. Loose trousers. Or, as you put it, drunken sailor pants. Jodhpurs do not look good on anyone, can be tolerated on equestrian folks only imo. Honestly, I’ve yet to see anyone who looks remotely good in those. Though I guess they’re comfy on horseback.


  2. Yes I definitely like the drunken sailors pants – and what a great name! They are lovely and look very comfy and stylish. Although Phoebe looks amazing in the jodhpurs, I just don’t have the legs (or horse) to get away with that arrangement!


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