Another brick in the wall for Gregory St.

We made it ti Bali

Another brick in the wall for Gregory Street Clothing Company


It’s Sunday again and I’ve just had my fix of spelt bread and butter (see The Bread without Crust Trip)

Well, after waiting about ten days for my DHL three day express door to door delivery, I found out that my parcels are at the post office waiting for me to pick up at my convenience.  I must admit, they didn’t specify which door…

I also found out that Aus. Post won’t deliver to my door because I have a P.O. box.  They were all so lovely at the post office – a woman from head office even rang me  – that I started to feel quite guilty for even suggesting they could deliver to my door.

The woman from head office was so focused on telling me how right they were not to deliver to my door, that I was actually beginning to wonder if I might be in a John Cleese staff training video.

So, all in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.


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