My Friend Roxanne said

My Friend Roxanne

My Friend Roxanne said


You know those attachments you get with the vacuum cleaner?

Do you actually turn the vacuum cleaner off, attach the duster thing, turn it back on and keep vacuuming?  I mean, seriously, do you?   I spend ages trying to manipulate the basic brushbar to do those things, because even if it takes six times as long, once that machine is off, it’s not going back on again.

Anyway, I’ve done about an hours worth of housework, so it’s time to put the feet up.  That’s enough housework for anyone of sound mind.

My friend Roxanne, who has enough energy for ten men, makes a fantastic coffee, manages The Boot Tavern, coaches The Sun City Rollers roller derby team and makes awesome public artwork,  said:  Do you think you could be lazy?

I thought about this long and hard  for nearly a minute, but I don’t think I can be.  I think I have domestic fatigue.  You know – like metal fatigue.


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