I really don’t like washing-up

I really don't like washing up

I really don’t like washing-up

How is it that for hours you can forget about those 3 things left on the line, until the split second that it starts to pour?  So I guess it’ll take a few days for them to dry.

Does anyone else use a twin tub?  I’ve always had one – you can wash just a couple of things in a small amount of water, and you can leave the rinse water for the next wash; but the best thing is if you are hand washing, you can spin just one garment.

But I also feel like I’ve actually done the washing, not just pressing a button and walking away.  It’s a bit like playing a record: you kind of get to touch the music.(See Logic and Proportion)

I stop short at the washing-up, though: I don’t mind stacking the dishwasher, but I really really don’t like doing the washing-up.


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