Desperately seeking shoes

shoes revisited

Shoes and clothing samples re-visited


We went back to the shoe man (see I’m a Bali Girl, in a Bali World) and gave him my new design.  He took measurements and said to come back in 3 days.

Then we went to see Ms J to check on the sample progress.  The trousers and one top were good, and the dress, which I thought would be really hard, was good; but one of the tops was a bit of a worry.  I think that was because my original prototype was a different fabric from the one I finally ended up choosing.  The design had to be altered a bit to suit the new fabric.

As I needed to take all the samples with me for the photoshoot, I said I’d do the alterations at home, and email them the changes.

We went back to see the shoe man, but he didn’t show up.  We went back again the next day but he still wasn’t there.

It’s stuck in my head, now, and I am desperate to do sandals for next summer, so I’m going to look for an alternative source.


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