Another brick in the wall for Gregory St.

We made it ti Bali

Another brick in the wall for Gregory Street Clothing Company


It’s Sunday again and I’ve just had my fix of spelt bread and butter (see The Bread without Crust Trip)

Well, after waiting about ten days for my DHL three day express door to door delivery, I found out that my parcels are at the post office waiting for me to pick up at my convenience.  I must admit, they didn’t specify which door…

I also found out that Aus. Post won’t deliver to my door because I have a P.O. box.  They were all so lovely at the post office – a woman from head office even rang me  – that I started to feel quite guilty for even suggesting they could deliver to my door.

The woman from head office was so focused on telling me how right they were not to deliver to my door, that I was actually beginning to wonder if I might be in a John Cleese staff training video.

So, all in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.


My Friend Roxanne said

My Friend Roxanne

My Friend Roxanne said


You know those attachments you get with the vacuum cleaner?

Do you actually turn the vacuum cleaner off, attach the duster thing, turn it back on and keep vacuuming?  I mean, seriously, do you?   I spend ages trying to manipulate the basic brushbar to do those things, because even if it takes six times as long, once that machine is off, it’s not going back on again.

Anyway, I’ve done about an hours worth of housework, so it’s time to put the feet up.  That’s enough housework for anyone of sound mind.

My friend Roxanne, who has enough energy for ten men, makes a fantastic coffee, manages The Boot Tavern, coaches The Sun City Rollers roller derby team and makes awesome public artwork,  said:  Do you think you could be lazy?

I thought about this long and hard  for nearly a minute, but I don’t think I can be.  I think I have domestic fatigue.  You know – like metal fatigue.

Still Waiting…

Still Waiting...

Still Waiting…


What’s the opposite of express?

I think that’s the problem: we should never have asked for “Express Delivery”.  Even the tracking has stopped: past Perth is no-woman’s land, you’re on your own.

I’m on emergency rations, because if I go shopping, that’s when the courier will come; scurvy and rickets could be just around the corner.  I saw a play once about Scott of the Antarctic.  Towards the end, he was dreaming about all the second helpings he’d knocked back.

Grant is away again, but this time he took his M&Ms.  Probably just as well.


Waiting Game

Waiting Game

Waiting Game

Well, the first lot of clothes arrived in Perth on Thursday morning.

The tracking summary says: Clearance processing complete at Perth, and then: Delivery arranged no details expected.  Whatever that means.

So we wait.

And meanwhile, I still keep trying to figure out how to navigate a website. Is there no end to computer illogicness?  .

A Good Cardi

A Good Cardi

A good cardi

I like a good cardi.

I have one that I really like and wear all the time, but it has these absurdly strange long sleeves: they hang about 15cm down from my fingertips, so that I always have to push them up.  However, I am an inveterate sleeve pusher-uper.  I even do it when I am not looking (actually, I do a lot of things when I’m not looking). I somehow feel that my sleeves get in the way and that I can’t get stuck into anything unless they’re pushed up.

So I have been designing a cardi for my next collection.  I want it to be long – I haven’t decided how long yet – and even though I will rarely do it up, I have to be able to, because it can get pretty windy here in Gellytown

And I think probably raglan sleeves, though maybe set-in.  I don’t as yet know what fabric I can get hold of.

It all really depends upon the fabric.

Photoshoot for a clothing brand

Photoshoot for a Clothing Brand

Photoshoot for a clothing brand


Yesterday we did the photoshoot.  Amanda took the photos, Demi did the make-up, and Phoebe did the modelling.

Everything went well and the photos looked great.  I can’t believe how photogenic my daughter is.  I don’t know where she gets it from…

The gorgeous Demi is from Backstage Hair and Beauty, and she did a wonderful job.

Amanda can do everything – take fabulous photos, cook wonderful spelt bread loaves, create rag rugs, make beef and kangaroo jerky, and countless other things.  She is part owner of an old homestead, which is available for accommodation on Airbnb.  So if you want a great place to stay to get away from it all, look up Edah Station.

I really don’t like washing-up

I really don't like washing up

I really don’t like washing-up

How is it that for hours you can forget about those 3 things left on the line, until the split second that it starts to pour?  So I guess it’ll take a few days for them to dry.

Does anyone else use a twin tub?  I’ve always had one – you can wash just a couple of things in a small amount of water, and you can leave the rinse water for the next wash; but the best thing is if you are hand washing, you can spin just one garment.

But I also feel like I’ve actually done the washing, not just pressing a button and walking away.  It’s a bit like playing a record: you kind of get to touch the music.(See Logic and Proportion)

I stop short at the washing-up, though: I don’t mind stacking the dishwasher, but I really really don’t like doing the washing-up.