I’m a Bali Girl, in a Bali World

I'm a Bali Girl, in a Bali World.

I’m a Bali Girl, in a Bali World


We were walking around Seminyak, when I saw a little shop with bags and shoes.  The place was choc-a-block, with stuff everywhere.  I hardly ever buy bags, but I saw a nice one in gorgeous soft brown leather, so I bought it.

Later on, I got to thinking about how lovely and soft the leather was, and wondering about getting sandals made: to have them made in a soft leather like the bag.  So I started thinking about a design.

We went back again to the leather shop.  The owner said he could make a pair like the design I suggested, and he would try to have it made by the next day, as we were going early the following day.  I left him with a pair to use for the fit.

The next day we got our first set of clothing samples from Ms J.  They needed to be washed for shrinkage, and there wasn’t time for that. So I had to take them home and wash them first to see how they fitted after that.

Our shoe man had misunderstood instructions, and had made a pair exactly like the ones I had given him to use for size.  Nothing like my design.  However, they were nicely made.

So, we had to come back a couple of weeks later – to get the clothing samples perfected, and to have another go at getting sandals made.  Now I had a bit more time to think about the design, because if they worked out ok, I wanted a pair for the Summer collection.


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