Get a haircut. (And a real job)

Get a haircut

Get a haircut. (And a real job).

I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail for quite some years now, and a few months ago I decided to get it cut.

I kept thinking about it, but couldn’t come up with a style that I was happy with.  So after a while I went to my hairdresser (you remember my hairdresser from Computers Coffee and Candy) and made an appointment.  When she asked what I wanted to have done, I told her: you are the hairdresser, I am the dressmaker, you decide on the hair.

It was quite exciting looking forward to getting her take on what my hair could look like.

I now have an ultra majestically excellent sort-of a bob with red and pink bits through it, ethereally wispy longer bits at the front, and a truly scrumptious fringe cut all different lengths.  I seriously love it.

However, I do still put it up in a tiny ponytail (about 2cm long) because I like to get it off my face.  Don’t tell Candy.




6 thoughts on “Get a haircut. (And a real job)

  1. Gosh, I think you should post Candy’s phone number as a public service (as in a service to the public).
    And in regard to ‘To smile or not to smile’, the Phoebe look in the photo above would be perfect.


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