101 Ways with Mince

this is my grandmother

101 Ways with Mince


If in doubt, get mince.

It never stops, this eating business, does it?

My grandmother gave me a present once, a long time ago, of a book called “101 Ways with Mince”. (Sort of like the Arabian Nights with 1 less zero).  I wish I knew what happened to it, it would come in handy right now.  I don’t think I fully appreciated the metaphysically unassailable importance of the book at the time.



A Honeymoon in Monkey Mia. With Fat Cat.

A Honeymoon. With Fat Cat

A Honeymoon in Monkey Mia.  With Fat Cat.


We didn’t actually have a honeymoon; Grant went straight back to work after signing off at the registry office.  (See Aching for a Frock).

However, a little while later Channel 7 asked Grant to be with Fat Cat on one of his shows, which they wanted to shoot at Monkey Mia, and I was allowed to go along.

Fatty had some special waders made, so that he could go into the water to pat the dolphins; he needed a couple of people to help him put them on, because his head is so big.

All in all, we had a pretty good time; Fatty said he was proud to come with us on our honeymoon.

If you look carefully at the image (probably with a magnifying glass) you can see me crouching down behind Grant and Fat Cat, trying to get out of the way before the camera started rolling.

Not a bad honeymoon.

I’m a Bali Girl, in a Bali World

I'm a Bali Girl, in a Bali World.

I’m a Bali Girl, in a Bali World


We were walking around Seminyak, when I saw a little shop with bags and shoes.  The place was choc-a-block, with stuff everywhere.  I hardly ever buy bags, but I saw a nice one in gorgeous soft brown leather, so I bought it.

Later on, I got to thinking about how lovely and soft the leather was, and wondering about getting sandals made: to have them made in a soft leather like the bag.  So I started thinking about a design.

We went back again to the leather shop.  The owner said he could make a pair like the design I suggested, and he would try to have it made by the next day, as we were going early the following day.  I left him with a pair to use for the fit.

The next day we got our first set of clothing samples from Ms J.  They needed to be washed for shrinkage, and there wasn’t time for that. So I had to take them home and wash them first to see how they fitted after that.

Our shoe man had misunderstood instructions, and had made a pair exactly like the ones I had given him to use for size.  Nothing like my design.  However, they were nicely made.

So, we had to come back a couple of weeks later – to get the clothing samples perfected, and to have another go at getting sandals made.  Now I had a bit more time to think about the design, because if they worked out ok, I wanted a pair for the Summer collection.

#Shoes worthy of protecting

#Shoes worthy of protecting

#Shoes worthy of protecting


I’ve been walking past  Dimario shoes in Subiaco for a while now.  So last time we were in Perth I went in.  What a great shop;  and the lovely owner Rose is a total joy.

I bought these majorly scrumptious little ankle boots, and I’m wearing them now as I type, because they are such an inspiration.

Thank you Rose.

Get a haircut. (And a real job)

Get a haircut

Get a haircut. (And a real job).

I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail for quite some years now, and a few months ago I decided to get it cut.

I kept thinking about it, but couldn’t come up with a style that I was happy with.  So after a while I went to my hairdresser (you remember my hairdresser from Computers Coffee and Candy) and made an appointment.  When she asked what I wanted to have done, I told her: you are the hairdresser, I am the dressmaker, you decide on the hair.

It was quite exciting looking forward to getting her take on what my hair could look like.

I now have an ultra majestically excellent sort-of a bob with red and pink bits through it, ethereally wispy longer bits at the front, and a truly scrumptious fringe cut all different lengths.  I seriously love it.

However, I do still put it up in a tiny ponytail (about 2cm long) because I like to get it off my face.  Don’t tell Candy.



Logic and Proportion

Logic and Proportion

Logic and Proportion


There’s something satisfying about playing a record.  You get a physical experience putting a record on a record player, that you don’t get with a technology based medium.

So we’ve been playing old records at night after dinner.

Last week we played White Rabbit by the Jefferson Airplane, and we got to the bit that said “logic and proportion”, and I thought: I wonder if I can use that for my label?

Because you’ve got no idea how many names there are for clothing companies out there!  I’ve been solidly reading the dictionary and the thesaurus, and all the words that I thought could make a good brand name, have been used.  Even words that make absolutely no sense.

Anyway, I’ve sent it to the copyright lawyer to see if I can use it.

Martha Stewart could have made this

Martha Stewart could have made this

Martha Stewart could have made this


I read an article in Time Magazine a few years ago, about Martha Stewart.  In it she was bemoaning somewhat about the inability of the modern woman to sew.

She said that when she was young, most of the girls she knew could sew.  See that girl over there, she said, I didn’t make her dress; but I could have.

There was a photo of Martha in the article, and the caption read: Martha Stewart, she didn’t make this outfit, but she could have.

So –  you see the image in this post?  That dress in the pattern?  There’s no way in the world I could have made that, even with the pattern.