Because it’s Good Friday


Because it’s Good Friday

It always seems to be overcast and raining, or rain forecast, on Good Friday, doesn’t it?  And in Geraldton, it’s even NOT WINDY this morning.

Doo do doo do, doo do doo (Twilight Zone theme song; but of course you recognized it from my humming).

Do you put a full stop before or after parentheses?


4 thoughts on “Because it’s Good Friday

  1. After. (Unless the sentence begins in parentheses in which case it is before.) Dollydumpling just inhales grammar and out it pops at the most inconvenient moments.
    Loving and chocolate to you .


  2. One of Anthea’s many community projects. ..martialling local emerging urban artists and giving them the opportunity to liven up dirty corners of the city with vibrant artworks…

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