Going back to look at the samples

kompeksi j3

 We went back to look at the samples.


The cat woman had to make a sample with very little alteration, but the second sample was completely different.

Apparently another worker had made the second sample, so it was a different size.


The shorts man gave us another inferior sample, about 3 sizes bigger than the prototype,  and the sample from the man who was making the long black linen evening dress was too tight around my legs.


We also had to cancel the knitting man, as the sweaters he was making were all the wrong colour.  He said he ran out of the colour I ordered, but he had plenty of this other one, so that’s what he was using.


All in all, not a good trip, this one.



2 thoughts on “Going back to look at the samples

  1. I like your blogs shirt and sweet honest with a dry undertone the story and challenges go on I admire your tenacity I love the knitting man how classic


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