Copyright Ordeal


Copyright Ordeal


I had an appointment at midday with the copyright lawyer to register “gregory street clothing company”, so I gave myself an hour to catch the bus from Cottesloe to West Perth.

The last time I caught the bus it was $2.80, but when I got on the bus the driver said: $4.50, and I didn’t have the right change, only a large note which he couldn’t change. So off the bus I had to get.

I walked up the highway to see if I could find a taxi stand, but I saw a taxi pull into a cul-de-sac opposite.  There was a very old lady in the taxi, and no one had come to pick her up.  And she didn’t have any money.  The lovely taxi driver (whose name was Max) told her: don’t worry, you don’t have to pay me.

Anyway, in a few minutes, her daughter arrived and apologized profusely for being late.  She gave max the $15 and off we went.  Max got me there right on 12.00, so I gave him a big tip for being such a good Samaritan.

The copyright lawyer, who was also lovely told me she wouldn’t have worried if I was late.

However, lovely as she was, she gave me the bad news that I couldn’t copyright gregory street clothing company, as someone else has a similar name.

I didn’t feel like catching a bus after that, so I walked back to Cottesloe, which took nearly 3 hours.

It was a nice day for a walk, anyway.



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