Tears before bedtime

cat woman j4

Tears before bedtime


The cat woman made a sample of the sleeveless t-shirt that I gave her, and it looked almost right – she just needed to take it in about 1cm, and tighten the neck and armholes where they gaped.


The shorts were not up to scratch, so they had to go back for another try.


The linen dress was made very well, so in the kompeksi idol stakes they were going to Hollywood.


While we waited for the samples to be remade, Our Girl from Bandung took us to a traditional costume concert, given by the kindergarten school where her 5 year-old son goes.


This was held in a restaurant belonging to one of the parents, in a beautiful setting up in the hills.


The children came on stage dressed in exquisite costumes; they had to smile and bow and walk back and forth across the stage.  This required lots of prompting from the parents, who kept getting closer and closer to the stage until they were finally told by the teachers to move back.  This kept happening over and over until the concert was finished. Everyone was overexcited, but a good time was had by all, though I think there were a few tears before bedtime.



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