The Bread without Crust Trip


The Bread without Crust Trip


Does anyone remember The Couch Trip?  There’s a scene where Walter Mattau sticks straws into the donuts and sucks out the jam.  Then he says:  Anyone who wants donuts without jelly, they’re ready now.

(For some reason Americans say jelly, instead of jam.)

My favourite bread at the moment, is the spelt bread made by Hope Springs Community in Walkaway.  I get a loaf every Sunday at the Railway Station markets.  It takes me about a week to eat it, which is perfect, and stays fine in the fridge for that amount of time.

When I get it home on Sunday morning, I reeeeeally like to cut off some (or all) of the crust and eat it with a slather of butter.

Anyway it’s Sunday now, and I’ve just finished eating the crust off the bread; so anyone who wants spelt bread without the crust, it’s ready now.



4 thoughts on “The Bread without Crust Trip

    1. I’ve just figured out that I have comments!
      I’m not sure if it’s the crust or the butter – but you have to absolutely have a ratio of 3 to 1 butter to bread, and the butter has to be fairly hard. You can pack more on that way.


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