How to do a ridiculously insane belt


How to do a ridiculously insane belt


I have been reading stacks of blogs lately, with titles like: How to create great content; How to write catchy titles; and 7 ways to achieve an awesome blog.

So apparently one of the ways to write a catchy title is to start with  “How to”, and to use irrelevant OTT adjectives and adverbs. And the image doesn’t even have to relate to the subject matter.  Just be eye-catching.

Back to belts.  I firmly believe that if you buy someone something, say a belt, and he doesn’t wear it very often (or even if he does) and you can think of the perfect way to use it, then you have every right, in fact I think it’s your duty, to go to his wardrobe and re-acquire it. It’s totally irrelevant, and you shouldn’t let it influence you, that he asked you to buy it for him in the first place (and paid for it).

Though you should go to Good Sammies to replace it for him (only fair).  Chances are he won’t even notice that it’s gone.  Unless he reads this blog.

Is the title catchy enough?


2 thoughts on “How to do a ridiculously insane belt

  1. Go love up your belt you wondrous clot of cytoplasm…oops… I was doing ok till I got to the clot. It’s because in my inbox I get THE STORY OF A CLOT and there the title stops. It’s delightful Gabes especially because I never think of you as a clot of anything, just the multi talented heroine of your unique life. Please continue I like your every post. Like like like… 🙂 Gay



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