Computers Coffee and Candy


Computers, Coffee, and Candy


When my computer stopped functioning as a decent human being, because of the NBN, we once again called in Super Rohan.  As Rohan was working on my computer, he told me that his sister has the coffee shop “Quiet Life”.

Now, I had walked by “Quiet life” a couple of times, and it looked like a lovely café in an idyllic setting.  There had been a lot of people there, all looking like they were having a really good time.  However, none of this was of the least interest to me, because that was where my hairdresser had been, AND MY HAIRDRESSER WAS GONE.

I told this to Rohan, but he said: No, no, my mum is out the back!

Your Mum?  Candy is your Mum?

Rohan has been fixing our computers for years, and I never knew that his mum was my hairdresser.

So now I have a new computer, and my old hairdresser.  I’m also looking forward to visiting a new coffee shop.


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