Aching for a Frock

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Aching for a frock


Not long before I got married, I went to Adelaide to do a make-up course, because at the time, I was a make-up artist.  The course lasted about 3 months, and I enjoyed it immensely.

One day, one of the boys doing the course walked into the classroom, stood in front of the class and said:  Oh, I’m aching for a frock.

I thought this was pretty cool.

I came back to Perth, and got married a week later.  I was still sewing my wedding outfit in the car on the way to the registry office.  The jacket wasn’t finished, so I carried it over my arm.  It still isn’t finished, because afterwards, there didn’t seem much point in finishing it.

Anyway, I think I’ll design another dress, because I’m aching for a frock.



Easter and the Will to Move


Easter and the Will to Move


I’ve lost the will to move.  This is what chocolate does to you.

I’m not talking about your namby pamby twenty or thirty Easter eggs.  I’m talking about breaking the pain barrier.

I’m talking about sucking so much chocolate that your tongue peels.

Manufacturing in Melbourne


Manufacturing in Melbourne

Pulling the pin on Bandung happened about a year ago, and since then, after a great deal of searching,  I’ve found another clothing manufacturer.  They are an Australian company and their office is in St. Kilda.  We went to visit them some months ago.

St. Kilda is a joy, but it was freezing.   We stayed in a beautiful old apartment opposite the beach, and ate out at some really good restaurants, all within walking distance.

I enjoyed the meeting, and I think we will be able to work well together:  I think my clothes will turn out a lot better with their company than by using all the different kompeksi in Bandung.

Their factory is in Bali, and we aimed to go there in November, to be ready for a winter collection in March.

Because it’s Good Friday


Because it’s Good Friday

It always seems to be overcast and raining, or rain forecast, on Good Friday, doesn’t it?  And in Geraldton, it’s even NOT WINDY this morning.

Doo do doo do, doo do doo (Twilight Zone theme song; but of course you recognized it from my humming).

Do you put a full stop before or after parentheses?

Things my Mother said

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Things my mother said


A long, long, time ago, I was in the book shop in Lane Cove (is it still there?) looking for a Christmas present for one of my brothers.

The man next to me asked me what I was looking for.  When I told him he said:  Does he like sci-fi?  I told him: yes.  Then he will definitely love this book.

I didn’t (and still don’t) know much about sci-fi, so I took his word for it.

My brother absolutely loved it, as did millions of other people.  It was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Now there is a scene early on in Hitchhiker’s where there are two guys in an elevator.  The earth is on the point of total destruction, and one says to the other:  It’s times like this that I wish I’d listened to what my mother told me; and the other answers:  what did she tell you?  And our hero answers back:  I don’t know, I didn’t listen.

Anyway, here are some of the things my mother said:

Woe betide you if I have to….. (go somewhere)  and you haven’t….. (done something)

It’s not a question of ability.  Meaning you had to say May I…?  instead of:  Can I …? (The answer was often: you can, but you may not)

Now you won’t get the surprise because you haven’t done… (something).  And you never got to find out what the surprise was.  It took me many years to realize  that there probably never was a surprise.

It’s not as bad as it looks (describing the total chaos in the house)

Pulling the Pin

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Pulling the Pin



We’ve decided to pull the pin on the whole Bandung venture: some of the clothes needed mending, some were the wrong size, some of the prototype samples went missing. The list went on. Our Girl in Bandung wanted a lot more money, despite being paid a generous wage.


All in all, it was becoming a business that looked like never making a profit (at least for us).


However, we did have a good time along the way and staying at the Butterfly Hotel was a treat, with wonderful service.


Now it’s back to looking for a manufacturer, and a better way of conducting business.


Steep learning curve.