Knitting and Brownies


Knitting and Brownies

I thought I’d give knitwear a go, because I wanted some sweaters in my collection.  So I sent Our Girl in Bandung out to find a knitting kompeksi.  She found a place that made and sold knitted garments, and off we went.

There were quite a few sweaters and jumpers in various weights, and they seemed well enough made, so I asked the man if he could copy my 2 samples.  

Yes, he could do this – what machine did I use?

I said I had knitted them by hand, and he looked at me, confused.

How do you do that?  He didn’t understand: could I show him?

There weren’t any knitting needles, so I gave him a demonstration with a couple of pencils. He was very taken with this technique.

He said to come back in a week, and he would have the samples ready.

We left him trying to knit with two pencils.

So a week went by, and we came back to see the samples.  There was 1 sample, and somehow it was a version that combined various elements of both of my designs.

Umm.  Well, actually, it wasn’t too bad.  Could he do this in a dark grey?

Yes – come back tomorrow.

The next day, when we came back, the second sample was a pale green.  Which, also, I didn’t mind. So, well, ok, we’d go with that.

Out in the parking lot was a food cart which said: Paris Murtaback Brownies; Our Girl in Bandung said they were very yummy.  So we bought some to celebrate.

And, yes, they were. Very yummy.


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