Mini Entrepreneurs

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Mini Entrepreneurs


We are in a tricky in-between size for getting fabric: the export, good quality wholesale textile factories want you to buy thousands of metres, which is way too much for us; but the good quality retail shops rarely have more than 20 or so metres.

And we want hundreds.

So Our Girl in Bandung has gone around looking for us, to see what she could find.  What she found were all these tiny warehouses with rolls and rolls of fabric squashed on top of each other and all over the floor.  Each warehouse tends to specialize in one or two types of fabric, though they don’t always know the composition of the fabric: they seem surprised that you want to know.

After traipsing around for a few days, in and out of side streets and alleyways, we found some fabric that I thought we could use; however, they sell it by the kilo, and you have to buy a whole roll, which is usually about 25 kilos. I needed to find out approximately how many metres to a kilo, and figure out how much I would need per garment.

When we walked out of the warehouse it was raining, and a man with umbrellas was there waiting for us.  For a few cents, he walked us to our car so that we wouldn’t get wet.

On the way back to the hotel, at heavy intersections there would be a man directing traffic.  For a few cents, which our driver would hand out the window, he would hold up the crazy oncoming traffic for us.

Mini entrepreneurs.






Am I a bad person for trying to vacuum up spiders?  I don’t usually get any, but I think that it might be sinning in thought. I do warn them first, and make a lot of noise.

I used to have a dyson that I really liked, but when that one died (I read somewhere that you’re supposed to clean them regularly, but that can’t be right), I bought a new one.  I don’t like this one nearly as much, so I bash it around.  A lot. But I suspect it might last for long time, unfortunately.

I stopped vacuuming my room just to write this blog, so I better get stuck into it again.





Now I’m on facebook. No doubt I will get used to it, but for the moment it is totally alien to me.

Anthony and Yvette from Rev have friended (befriended?) me, and when we asked Phoebe she said:  are you joking?  You’re my mother.  NOBODY has their mother for a friend on facebook!

I expect I’ll get some more friends, as time goes by – it is only the first day.

Rejection is pretty hard, though.


Knitting and Brownies


Knitting and Brownies

I thought I’d give knitwear a go, because I wanted some sweaters in my collection.  So I sent Our Girl in Bandung out to find a knitting kompeksi.  She found a place that made and sold knitted garments, and off we went.

There were quite a few sweaters and jumpers in various weights, and they seemed well enough made, so I asked the man if he could copy my 2 samples.  

Yes, he could do this – what machine did I use?

I said I had knitted them by hand, and he looked at me, confused.

How do you do that?  He didn’t understand: could I show him?

There weren’t any knitting needles, so I gave him a demonstration with a couple of pencils. He was very taken with this technique.

He said to come back in a week, and he would have the samples ready.

We left him trying to knit with two pencils.

So a week went by, and we came back to see the samples.  There was 1 sample, and somehow it was a version that combined various elements of both of my designs.

Umm.  Well, actually, it wasn’t too bad.  Could he do this in a dark grey?

Yes – come back tomorrow.

The next day, when we came back, the second sample was a pale green.  Which, also, I didn’t mind. So, well, ok, we’d go with that.

Out in the parking lot was a food cart which said: Paris Murtaback Brownies; Our Girl in Bandung said they were very yummy.  So we bought some to celebrate.

And, yes, they were. Very yummy.