The Beginning



8 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. So this is your beginning. Sounds nice “Gregory Street”. I know you will not believe me, but I once lived in Twatt, Orkney. Now that would be a beginning, an opening line, don’t you think? Honestly, it’s true I live there (and yes that is how you pronounce it too). 🙂

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      1. Orkney is a set of beautiful, remote, atmospheric islands. With the call of the curlew, the sight of seals and whales just off the cliffs and a place I called “Home”. How can anyone feel compelled to leave because of a place name, but that life travelled me elsewhere to new adventures, to new places to enjoy and call “Home”.

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      2. Not yet 100% and feeling a right misery guts, but today I got up anyway and did a bit to an oil painting I had started. Thank you for asking.


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